Hello!  Welcome to Polar Bear Forge!

This webpage shows everything that I offer for sale.  Originally, it showcased my knives.  As time progressed, I started spending less time working on my knives.  I don't do that much bladesmithing anymore, mainly just for myself.

Along the way, I started producing laser cut lamellar plates.  These plates are used by different organizations for protection during fighting.

While I was still spending alot of time bladesmithing, the GIB (Grinder in a Box) came into being.  This is the framework to build a grinder that is so often used in metalworking.  

When I was forging a lot, I spent some time making tongs.  I discovered that I really don't like making tongs, and thought about the quickest way to make them.  Tong blanks were my solution.

As I was selling lamellar, I kept getting requests for a coat of plates kit.  This is also used for fighting protection and is a good way to start out a kit or create loaner gear.  So I added that to the line-up.

Now that the body was covered, what about the head?  I added a helm kit.  Hands?  Guantlet kit.