Coat of plates

Do you have a 14th century personna?  Do you want armour from the battle of Wisby?  Are you just starting out in the SCA and want low cost armour that looks good and isn't plastic?  Do you want low cost loaner armour?  Then I have the kit for you...


This kit is based on this drawing showing the plates based on finds dug up from the battle of Wisby in 1361.  They are riveted to a covering.

The kit:

Here are the plates as they are laid out for the kit.  All plates are flat, some shaping will be required for final assembly.  As it's laid out, it is 48 inches wide and 24" tall.

There is a second 4a plate for use as spine protection as well as the corresponding shoulder pieces (not pictured).

Rivets and backing are not included.


The original kit is appropriate for around 48" chest and roughly 24" from chin to belt.

For those requiring more height, extra #1 plates will be available.  They add 4 inches of height per plate.

For those requiring more girth, extra 3d plates will be available.  Each pair adds 6 inches to the overall girth.


Material Approximate weight
in pounds
Cost Extra 3d 
Extra 1 
0.090 aluminum 6 $90 $8 $7
18g stainless steel 9.25 $125 $10 $10


I accept credit/debit cards through  When you order, I will send you and invoice with a secure link.  

I do not accept checks, money orders, or paypal.


Click the appropriate "Buy Now!" button below for the material and kit you are interested in.  For international customers, please email me at jamie at polarbearforge dot com for an invoice to make payment.

Please remember to check out my shipping status page to see if things are shipping on time.  Right now, turn around time is currently 4-6 weeks.


Standard kit Standard kit plus girth plates(3d x 2) - XL Standard kit plus #1 plate - T Standard kit plus girth plates(3d x 2) & #1 plate - XLT
0.090 aluminum $90 - 

$98 - 

$97 - 

$105 - 

18g stainless steel $125 - 

$135 - 

$135 - 

$145 - 


I ship on Fridays/Saturdays.   Shipping with the USA is $12.35 via USPS flat rate shipping.  International orders are also sent this way, though they are limited to twenty pound per package, so larger orders may need to be split.  For those needing international shipping, please email me for an invoice.

Delivery timeframe:

My standard timeframe right now is three weeks from date of payment.  Sometimes holidays, downtime, or other work delays may cause some orders to take longer.  The three weeks is a guildeline, if you need them by a specific date, make sure you let me know.