Now you might have body armour (coat of plates or lamellar?) and a helm (Valsgarde 6?).  What about gauntlets?

After many attempts, I finally got my hands on an unformed kit that used to be offered through Zweihammer.

Here is the kit.  One gauntlet is shown.

I will be offering limited support for this kit.  I have never assembled it.  I probably will at some time, but right now I have other commitments that must come first.  An archive of the original assembly instructions can be found on scribd.

To order:

Click the appropriate "Buy Now!" button below for the material and kit you are interested in. 

Shipping will only be $5.60 in the USA. I could fit 2 pairs before the envelope won't work and I'll have to use a larger box. 

For international shipping, shipping would be $40.95 to Canada and Mexico. Everywhere else would be $59.95. They exceed the 4 pound maximum for the envelope.

I do not take Paypal.

These prices do not include shipping.  Shipping is added for any purchases in the USA.  For international customers, please email me at jamie at polarbearforge dot com for an invoice to make payment.

Please remember to check out my shipping status page to see if things are shipping on time.  Right now, turn around time is currently 4-6 weeks.


Price per pair  Small-Medium Medium-Large
18g stainless steel $75
18g cold rolled mild steel $50