Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have motor, it's a 114at(for example) frame.  Will it work with this kit?
A:  Maybe.  As with any type of motor, it depends on it's measurements.  If they are the same as a 56 frame, then yes, it will work.  There are many types of motor types and I am not familiar with them all.  What I always do, it look up the motor type and compare it to a 56c frame.  If the height of the shaft, the base layout, or the bolts holes aren't the same, then some modification will be needed to make it fit.

Q:  Is there a way to setup the GIB with step pulleys?
A:  Yes.  Several people have done this.  I do not have any additional parts for this at this time.

Q: Will you sell me a kit in stainless or aluminum?
A:  I could, but the price would be quite a bit higher.  Those materials don't cut as fast.  I also don't have bulk pricing setup for those.