Valsgarde helm kit

Here is the entire helm kit.  The one pictured is cut from 14g cold rolled mild steel.  These kits will be cut from cold rolled mild steel or 304 stainless steel(2b finish).  

All holes are laser cut as shown.  Rivets are included (not pictured).  You can also see the lines that are etched into the center ridge piece and the back plates to help crease them in the middle.

For shipping purposes, the brow band and the center ridge piece will be bent.  This is an example of what it may look like.

To make things a little easier, some of the parts are tabbed together.  Here's a closeup view of what they look like.  They break apart fairly easily and require a little bit of filing for cleanup.  This helps me make sure that I send complete kits.

Since I am making these to order, I know there will be times I have to cut different sizes from the same material.  To help keep things straight, one hole in each piee will be slightly modified.  The smalls will have all normal holes.  The mediums will have one hole per piece that has one small notch.  The larges will have two notches and the x-large will have three notches.  They are easily noticable, but will be invisible when riveted.  I will add a picture showing each soon.

Size Brow band size
(in inches)
Approximate size with 1/2" padding
(in inches)
Approximate size with 3/4" padding
(in inches)
Small 26.75 23 1/2 22
Medium 27.75 24 1/2 23
Large 28.75 25 1/2 24
X-large 29.75 26 1/2 25

Shipping is $12.35 anywhere in the USA.  Shipping to Canada or Mexico is $40.95 and everywhere else in the world is $66.25.  More than one kit will fit in a box.  If you are an international customer, do not use the buttons below.  Send me and email and I will send you an invoice with a secure link for payment.

Steel helms will ship with steel rivets and stainless steel helms will ship with brass rivets.

I do not take paypal.

I will be cutting most of these as ordered, and won't be keeping everything in inventory.  My current timeframe is four weeks from date of payment.  

Please remember to check out my shipping status page to see if things are shipping on time.  Right now, turn around time is currently 4-6 weeks.


Current Valsgarde helm kit pricing - Use for ordering in the USA only.
For international orders, email me for an invoice.
Material/style Small Medium Large X-large
14g mild steel
full kit
12g mild steel
full kit
14g stainless steel
full kit
12g stainless steel
full kit