Important Notice!!!
Earlier this year I put a hiatus on lamellar.  I had asked for people to let me know if they are interested and I'd add them to my list.  

There have not been a lot of people interested and at this time I am going to keep the  lamellar on the back burner.  


While I was in school for machine tool technology, we built a few dies.  One of them was a bracket.  It was very similar to some of the lamellar plates that I saw some friends working with, so I started building  dies to punch out lamellar plates.

I ended up changing jobs before finishing it, but the idea remained.  When I started running an industrial cutting laser a world of possibilities opened up.  If I could draw it, I could cut it.  I started making lamellar plates from stainless steel and aluminum.  Initially, I couldn't cut copper based alloys with that laser.  I just got done installing a new laser, and it is capable of cutting brass and bronze.  

Plate styles:

Here is a sample of the plate styles that I have cut. Over the years that have been many different modifications, moving a hole over a bit, shortening a plate, scaling a plate, etc...  I do not have all of them shown.  There are hundreds of modifications!  I will do minor modifications with no change in cost.

If you would like a totally different plate, please send me a good drawing.  A good drawing is similar to the one above, black and white with everything just as you would like it.  It can also be a completely dimensioned drawing, or even better yet, a dxf file.


My standard materials are 0.063" thick aluminum and 20g (0.0359" thick) stainless steel.  You can special order other materials (in the past I have done 18g stainless, 18g mild steel, and 20g mild steel) but remember the cost will be higher.  I have bulk pricing setup for my common materials.

Due to spotty interest in the spring stainless, I am going to hold off on ordering this material.  I want to avoid having the material sit around for most of the year as it has in the past.  

My source for brass/bronze fell through.  Evidently it shouldn't have been listed on the website at all.
How many plates do I need?

The table below has estimates for the number of plates per square foot.  To get an estimate of plates, measure the amount of area on your body you want to cover.  

For example, let's say you want to cover eight square feet.    If you want to use plate style #5, you would take the 8 square feet x 92 plates per square feet and need 736 plates.

Plate #Plate dimensions 
(in inches)
Approximate # of plates per square foot
14.250 x 0.87584
24.250 x 0.87584
33.825 x 0.87584
43.825 x 0.87584
5,5b,5c,5d3.350 x 0.87592
63.825 x 0.98280
73.825 x 1.089N/A
8, 8b3.000 x 1.62560
9, 9b2.500 x 1.250105
103.000 x 1.625Variable
112.375 x 1.750Variable
12, 12b3.350 x 1.136N/A
132.625 x 0.625Variable
143.661 x 0.875Variable
154.188 x 0.750Variable
163.125 x 1.00072
173.825 x 1.000Variable
182.500 x 0.750Variable
194.000 x 1.50064
203.000 x 1.62570
213.000 x 1.75070
224.000 x 1.313Variable
  Note: Some plates are center plates, or vary based on lacing pattern and are labeled as either N/A or Variable.